Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Yummy Recipes and more... ~ 7/28

I thought I'd start compiling a list of yummy recipes, etc. that I've found on different blogs and on the web and post my list once a week....

so...without further's my first week's "edition".

(Feel free to comment with a link to some yummy recipes that you've found!!)

First up (I can't wait to try these!!):

From This Lil about some YUMMY Mini Root Beer Float Cupcakes?!?!

Next...from Baking Bites a recipe for Quick Vanilla Ice Cream.

And from The Thrifty Things is a yummy and EASY recipe for Hershey Bar Pie!

Lastly...from The Journal of a Girl Who Loves To Cook is a recipe for yummy Marshmallow + Oatmeal Cookies.'s a link for a FREE eCookbook: Let's Get Grilling.

Plus...if you like Hot Tamales HERE for a FREE sample!!


This Lil Piglet Boutique said...

Thanks for posting the link to this Rootbeer Float Cupcake of my kids favs now too. I hope your readers enjoy it. :-)

Tanyia said...

Looks great!


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