Saturday, August 7, 2010

Do you - or someone you know - SEW??!! I need TESTERS!!

**I'm reposting this a second time. I could still use a few extras on my pattern tester list. Also...please feel free to post about this on your blog with a link to here. Thanks!

I currently have some VERY talented testers....but sometimes some "life issues", etc. arise, and they are unable to test for me when I need them!!

If anyone is interested in testing sewing patterns for me, please click the link below (at the very bottom of this post) to fill out an information form.
Once I receive your info...I'll be in contact with you.

(***You can go to my website to view my current patterns.) I have LOTS more "in the works"...including some bags, kid stuff, clothing, and some one-of-a-kind original ideas!!

Just some notes:
~You are NOT required to test every pattern...I send out emails when patterns are ready to test, and if you're able you let me know!

~Once you commit to testing a pattern, I do expect:
~Good quality pics to be emailed to me
~Constructive criticism and/or helpful suggestions
~pattern to be tested in a timely manner

~You will have to sign (digitally) an agreement before becoming a tester.
~Don't's just standard (and common sense) stuff...i.e.:all patterns are copyrighted, they're just for your PERSONAL USE (you will have the option of purchasing - at a discount - the commercial use "right", upon release of the final pattern.)

Thank you!


Busy Working Mama said...

I emailed this link to my sewing friend. I OWN a sewing maching...but probably couldn't do more than sew a pillow case :)

Happy weekend!

Christine said...

Hey Jen,

Gonna post this to my Facebook crew. I'm friends with quite a few seamstresses. I've already posted about it on my blog, but will keep passing it along until you don't need testers anymore. I'd do it, but with my schedule, not sure I'd have time.


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