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Books I'm Reading...plus BOOK REVIEWS

{BOOK REVIEW} ~ "Cherry Blossom Capers" ... by Gina Conroy, Frances Devine, Cara C. Putman, Lynette Sowell

Book description from the publisher:
Encounter mystery, mayhem, and murder near Washington, DC, alongside four professional females. White House assistant chef Tara Whitley works with an old flame, FBI agent Jack Courtland, to stop a plot to sabotage a state-dinner. Attorney Ciara Turner and her nemesis Daniel Evans have trials tracking down a judge’s murderer. Archeologist intern Samantha Steele and security guard Nick Porter are on the heels of a dangerous forger. Shop owner Susan Holland and renovator Vince Martini turn upside down her late uncle’s mansion while investigating a string of mysterious accidents. Will these sleuthing couples’ machinations move them into matrimony?

My review:
“Cherry Blossom Capers” is a Christian fiction {romance/suspense} book – part of the “Romancing America” series. I absolutely LOVED this book! It was a really great read! The book was a four-in-one type book, but all four of the “mini-books” were related, which I really liked! The book is based on four women neighbors (who are friends…and share “movie nights” together), with each woman being featured in her own story. In each of the four stories within the book, one of the four women ends up being in the middle of a dangerous situation. And, while trying to figure out what is going on…they each end up falling in love! This book had everything I love to read combined – drama/suspense {reminded me of Nancy Drew} mixed in with a little romance {but not too sappy}! (After reading this book, I am definitely interested in reading other books from the series.) I thought the entire book was well-written, easy-to-read, and hard to put down!! I would HIGHLY recommend this book! 5 out of 5 stars!!!!!

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received an e-book edition of this book free from the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

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{BOOK REVIEW} ~ "Designed for Death"...by Jean Harrington

Book description from the publisher:
An Eye for Detail, a Nose for Trouble
Interior designer Deva Dunne's latest project comes to a screeching halt when blood on the carpet leads her to the body of her client, an exotic dancer with a mysterious past. But the murdered woman is not the only resident of the posh beachfront condominium with secrets, and investigating officer Lieutenant Victor Rossi considers them all suspects.
Though wary of working in the killer's midst, Deva continues decorating the unit for the new owner. When she stumbles upon clues that might help crack the case, she can't resist doing a little digging of her own, despite Rossi's orders to quit meddling. Now, she's juggling the investigation, her career and sexy neighbor Simon Yaeger, who seems interested in more than her etchings.
Deva can't help but be flattered by all the male attention—that is, until she realizes the killer has designs on her, too...

My review:
I thoroughly enjoyed reading “Designed for Death” by Jean Harrington. For lack of a better word to describe this book…this book was AWESOME!! It was a great suspense book…full of twists and turns throughout the entire book. I really did not know for sure who the murderer was, until the very end of the book. The book was very hard to put down…because I just wanted to keep reading it to find out who the murderer was…and WHY he/she did it. This book was cleverly written, was extremely entertaining and overall, it was just a GREAT suspense/drama book. I LOVED it…and would highly recommend that you read it, too! 5 out of 5 stars!! {And it’s the first book in a new series – “Murders by Design”….can’t wait to read more in this series!!}

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received an e-book edition of this book free from the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

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{BOOK REVIEW} ~ "All Fall Down" ... by Megan Hart:

Book Description:
In the midst of a chaotic midnight assembly, Sunshine is forced outside into the darkness. Holding a scrap of paper scrawled with a stranger's name and address, Sunny grasps the hands of her three small children and begins her escape.
Liesel Albright has dreamed of starting a family. She never bargained on inheriting one already in progress…or one so deeply damaged. When nineteen-year-old Sunshine appears on the Albrights' doorstep claiming Liesel's husband, Chris, is her father, all they can think to offer is temporary shelter. The next day, they're stunned by the news that the Family of Superior Bliss, led by a charismatic zealot, has committed mass suicide. Sunny and her children haven't just left the compound—they've been left behind.
Now, instead of a baby of her own, Liesel must play mother to the four survivors, while Chris retreats into guilt and denial. For Sunny, however, a lifetime of teachings is not easily unlearned. No matter how hard she tries to forget, an ominous catechism echoes in her mind, urging her to finish what the Family started.

My review:
“All Fall Down” by Megan Hart is a very unique book – very different from most books I usually read. But I really enjoyed reading it! The book is about a girl named Sunshine, who is raised in a cult, and is forced by her mother to escape (along with her 3 small children) the cult and go to her real father (who she never met.) Liesel (the wife of Sunshine’s father, Chris) always dreamed of having a family – but Chris says he doesn’t want children. When Sunshine and her children show up at Liesel and Chris’ doorstep, everyone’s life changes drastically.
I found the book to be very interesting and hard to put down. It was written in a way that you really felt that you could relate to Sunshine, and understand how hard it was for her to adjust to “real life” outside of the cult. In the same way, you could really relate to Liesel, and understand her feelings – from shock and anger at finding out about her husband’s child, to forgiveness, and joy and love.
This book really brings your attention to the radical cult lifestyle – and makes you really think about what it would be like to be raised in a cult setting {think Kool-Aid drinking type cult}.
I felt the ending was a little bit of a “cliff-hanger”, maybe the author could write another book continuing this story – I would definitely read it!!
Overall, I would give this book 4 out of 5 stars – the book was enjoyable to read, a little “creepy” at some parts (when it described some of the details of cult life), but I would recommend that you read this book.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received an e-book edition of this book free from the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

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Here are some great books I'm reading right now.
{Reviews will come shortly for some!!}

The Mercy ~ by Beverly Lewis:

The Cowboy Tutor ~ by Linda Ford:

All Fall Down ~ by Megan Hart:

44 Cranberry Point ~ by Debbie Macomber:

Heart of Ice ~ by Lis Wiehl:

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