Friday, January 6, 2012

Crafty Friday -- 1/6/12

Here's some new crafty finds for this week:
{Click on the pics OR on the source link below the pics to go to the sources!}


You can also find the following new crafty links ~ {PLUS MORE!!} - HERE on my pinterest Crafty-licious Board.


First own "crafty" post from last week on the blog...

EZ Fix for toddler/kid pants:

Tuna Can Candle Holders:

Cupcake Pincushion:

Fabric Origami:

Valentine's Wreath:

Drawstring sock pouches:

Easy Ribbon Flowers:

Chalkboard paint + old cabinet door:


Duct Tape Flower:

Scripture Board:

Fabric Maze:

Chalkboard Travel Trays:

And...just because these are cool:

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Eva {Tales of the Scotts} said...

Thanks for sharing my scripture board!!


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